Statement on June 2, 2024 Puerto Rico Primary Election

There was no issue with the ability of the Dominion voting machines used in Puerto Rico’s primary elections to accurately tabulate and generate reliable paper-based results reports. The election canvass and hundreds of audits of machines used in the June 2 election have independently verified the accuracy and reliability of printed results report tapes. The election results are correct and no candidate or party is challenging the validity of primary election results. All Dominion certified systems produce paper back-ups for auditability and transparency.

As the Puerto Rico State Elections Commission has confirmed, the reporting issue that occurred was specific to the generation of unique export files used for Puerto Rico’s Receipt and Disclosure of Results (“REYDI”) system. Puerto Rico is the only Dominion customer that uses this third-party system. The software version that generates the REYDI export is unique to Puerto Rico, and is not used in any other Dominion customer jurisdiction.

Dominion has identified a solution to the issue, and we are working in good faith with Puerto Rico’s elections commission to jointly enhance integration testing practices for the REYDI system in order to ensure there are no future issues.