Our Services

You can count on Dominion to be with you every step of the way in order to ensure that your election is a successful one. Our diligent Dominion team will not rest until you are completely satisfied. We offer a comprehensive menu of services to help you get the results you expect.

At Dominion, we recognize that it takes more than the latest technological advancements to make your election run more efficiently and more successfully. We believe that our knowledgeable experts are as valuable to you as the technology that we provide.

Our employees will provide each constituency the best support that they can – from pre-planning to post-election auditing. They work continuously to improve our current products and to develop new technologies based on customer feedback. And because of these and more, they are our greatest assets as a company.

Together with our customers, we strive to change elections for the better – making them simpler, more secure and more accessible.

Our Staff

  • Is experienced in elections big or small, in any environment
  • Knows no limit to making an election successful and a customer satisfied


  • Provide service that’s timely, professional, experienced and helpful
  • Provide knowledgeable assistance that’s just a phone-call or email away
  • Provide action-oriented on-site customer support and training
  • Work closely with you to implement industry best practices
  • Assist with voter education and provide outreach solutions
  • Assist you with product maintenance
  • Provide analysis and post-election audits to help you identify opportunities to improve effectiveness, efficiency and control costs
  • Do whatever you need, whenever you need it - to ensure you are satisfied

Our Customers Words

At Dominion, our customers come first. And they come back.

We believe that there should be no limit to providing the best service. We listen to our customers, and use their input as a gauge for what we can do to improve.


Election Consulting

Our Dominion employees will work with our customers to help them determine what services and products are right for them. We firmly believe that by listening to our customers, we will understand how to better serve them. We will ensure that a customer gets as much or as little as they want and need – and will cater our services and help to select the most suitable voting system that best reflects their specific needs.

We have experience working with jurisdictions that had never voted with automated voting systems before. We listen and learn from our customers so that we can provide a solution that works within their specific laws and regulations. We offer customized solutions to work in any environment. We have faced the challenges posed by climate and challenging terrains, providing voting systems for jurisdictions in both the cold arctic tundra and the hot and wet jungle. We can customize our services and systems so that they work for jurisdictions big (over 100 000 voting locations) or small (1 voting location).

Dominion is also experienced in helping jurisdictions of any size make their elections more accessible to more voters. We provide machines that can operate in multiple languages. We also offer voting machines that enable voters of varying ability to navigate, complete and cast a private ballot that is indistinguishable from the one that’s conventionally marked by hand.

Dominion offers a 5-phase approach to plan and coordinate all implementation activities. We will work with you to decide what service solutions make the most sense for you.

Experience the Dominion difference. Contact us today.

Project Management

Dominion leads the industry in project management services and support.

Jurisdictions of all sizes rely on our knowledgeable Dominion employees to help them seamlessly implement voting systems and successfully run elections.

A structured project management environment and consistent communication are crucial to a successful voting system implementation. Our employees utilize project management methodologies and standards that are defined by the Project Management Institute (PMI), but more importantly cater these methodologies to actual election-related methodologies. They work closely with our customers to implement industry best practices.

Plan Your Election

From equipment acquisition to post-election audits, our superior project management methodology will lead the way to your election’s success.

Our employees will assist you in the following:

  • Adaptation of powerful election data conversion tools
  • Tools and services for election operation streamlining
  • Action-oriented on-site customer support and training
  • Interactive manuals for jurisdiction staff and poll-workers
  • Election process optimization
  • Election programming
  • Complete line of supplies and accessories
  • Voter education and outreach solutions
  • Maintenance and upgrade programs
  • End-to-end asset management and chain of custody assistance
  • Post-election review: analysis and audits to identify opportunities to improve effectiveness, efficiency, and control costs.

Post-election review: analysis and audits to identify opportunities to improve effectiveness, efficiency, and control costs.

Election Training

Dominion employees will assist administrators so that they will receive the simplicity, security and support that they’ve come to expect from Dominion’s voting systems. Plus Dominion’s practices and voting systems make the voting process easier for poll workers on election day.

  • Easy set up. One wall plug, one off/on switch and one security key make our systems intuitive to set up.
  • Readily available consumables. We ensure that consumables such as thermal paper, memory cards and security keys are provided and replaceable.
  • Off-the-shelf systems. Whenever possible, we offer off-the shelf options for ease of maintenance and lower cost of ownership.
  • Information protection. Our materials offer outstanding resistance to temperature, humidity and other environmental extremes.
  • Custom materials. With multiple ballot box sizes and materials of construction, we accommodate voting locations of all sizes and spatial layouts.
  • Manageable tabulation. Our tabulators are lightweight, yet durable.

Reporting Your Election

Our intuitive, innovative and efficient voting systems will guide you through your election day. They will accurately report and record each ballot and effectively produce the results that you expect.

  • Programming flexibility. Democracy Suite® is our fully integrated Election Management System which includes other helpful modules such as Audio Studio™ for simple efficiency.
  • Rapid, error-free ballots. Our intuitive voter interface offers voters a speedy and accurate voting experience.
  • Rapid machine programming. Dominion’s innovative programming stations have the fastest production rates in the industry and facilitate timely set up in the largest jurisdictions.
  • Superior Accessibility. The large LCD, modern design ATI box, tactile switches and custom devices offer voters easy access and system legibility.
  • Streamlined data entry and results reporting. Our online services facilitate easy entry and report processing.
  • Complete transparency and accountability with stakeholders. Our patented software includes an independent ballot cast record.
  • Customizable reports. Import and export capabilities give you the specific analytics you require.

Data Accuracy

Trust our personnel and voting systems to ensure and provide industry-leading data accuracy and integrity.

  • Highest strength encryption in the industry. With a 256-bit key length, the tabulation and central databases encryption is future-proof and compliant with the VVSG Next Iteration.
  • Jurisdiction confidence. We employ extensive internal security monitoring to ensure data integrity and maintain public confidence.
  • An error-free election database. Our EMS system guides the jurisdiction through the election definition workflow and assists the programmer in preparing an accurate database.
  • The most ballot styles and precincts in the least time. With the most powerful Election Management System in the industry, we generate an array of options to suit all types of elections and districts.

Ballot Printing

Dominion’s Certified Ballot Service Package provides comprehensive election services at a per-ballot rate to save time, reduce headaches, mistakes, faulty ballots and other avoidable election problems. With guaranteed quality and hassle-free printing, we provide timely delivery without additional shipping and handling fees, re-print fees or other extra costs.

The Standard Ballot Service Package includes:

  • Printing
  • Chain of Custody Documentation
  • Ballot Proofing and Quality Control
  • Print and delivery Logistics

Automated Test Decks

Democracy Suite®’s Automated Test Deck package not only produces all the test ballots, but also adds additional markings to assist operators, provides pre-tallied totals by ballot style and a pre-printed set of audit record materials.

Servicing and Upgrades

Dominion stands by the quality of its tabulators and voting systems.

We understand how important it is for you to have accurate and dependable voting equipment. If you have any questions regarding your equipment or would like to look into upgrading your systems, please contact our service team at 1-866-654-VOTE (8683) or email them at servicing@dominionvoting.com

Upgrading Your Voting Systems

Dominion recognizes the loyalty of our customers and wants to ensure that our equipment provides you with the success that you need.

To assist our customers currently using the legacy versions of WinEDS and GEMS, Dominion offers the opportunity to upgrade to the Assure 1.2 and WinEDS 4.0 systems at a significantly lower cost. Both of these up-to-date systems have improved upon their predecessors and will help your voting machines work more efficiently, accurately and securely. Most importantly, these new systems will result in reduced labor costs and improve the efficiency of your voting machines.

To learn more about these products, please contact us at 1-866-654-VOTE (8683) or email us at upgrades@dominionvoting.com

Learn more about our Assure 1.2 and WinEDS 4.0 systems.