MITRE Report

Dominion is pleased to report that documents related to a federal court case involving pending litigation in the State of Georgia (Curling v. Raffensperger) have been unsealed for public release.

Dominion's ICX system was the focus of a report prepared by a consultant who was hired by the plaintiffs in 2017.  Dominion commissioned MITRE's accredited National Election Security Lab (NESL) to perform an independent, third-party expert analysis of the claims made by the consultant regarding Georgia's voting system.

Now that the MITRE report has been made public, Dominion is able to share NESL's findings.  The MITRE report concluded that none of the alleged vulnerabilities listed in Plaintiff's Expert Report would allow a bad actor to change the outcome of an election, particularly given scale considerations.  As noted in the report's conclusions, "The researcher's proposed attacks were assessed by MITRE NESL to be operationally infeasible."

Read the full MITRE Report here.

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