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February 23, 2021

Maricopa County Forensic Audit Reaffirms Dominion Machines Worked Accurately In 2020

The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors released the results of a forensic audit on voting machines used in the 2020 election, reaffirming that Dominion's machines worked accurately. The machines passed several rigorous tests examining source code, software, network connectivity, and accuracy.

Dominion released the following statement:

"The results of the independent forensic audit in Maricopa County are yet another validation that Dominion's machines counted votes accurately in the 2020 election. The audit reaffirms what election officials and experts around the country already know: there was no hacking, manipulation, or vote switching on Dominion machines.

Dominion machines meet rigorous federal and state certification standards. Hundreds of hand counts and independent audits continue to prove the accuracy of our systems.

This latest audit adds to the substantial body of evidence confirming the falsity of the lies being told about Dominion. It should serve as a further warning to those who have spread, and who will spread, defamatory disinformation under the false guise of expressing 'concerns' for the process: you will be held accountable for your false statements."

The audits were conducted by SLI Compliance and Pro V&V—both federally certified Voting System Testing Laboratories. The independent auditors concluded that the voting machines were not hacked, not connected to the internet, and counted votes properly.

The following tests reported no evidence of tampering or hacking:

    • Source Code Tests: All software and equipment inspected was using certified software and was not modified.
    • Malicious Software And Hardware Tests: There were no instances of malicious software or hardware installed on the tabulators or system.
    • Network And Internet Connectivity Tests: The auditors found no evidence of internet connectivity.
    • Accuracy Tests: Pro V&V found no evidence of vote switching and concluded that the equipment tabulated ballots accurately.

This audit builds on steps already taken by Maricopa County election officials to ensure the accuracy and security of the machines, which were already certified on the federal and state levels. Additionally, Maricopa County's post-election hand count audit that concluded on November 9 showed a 100% match with the counts from Dominion machines.

Maricopa County Board of Supervisors Chairman Jack Sellers (R) said, "The Board of Supervisors asked two firms to independently look at the security and reliability of our election equipment and processes and to let us know if they found any evidence of equipment malfunction or foul play that might have changed the outcome of any race. The firms we hired are the only two in the United States certified to do this work. We asked them to go beyond what we had already done to ensure the integrity of our elections and beyond even the stringent requirements of state law. We are releasing the results of those audits today so that the public can see what we see and know what we know: no hacking or vote switching occurred in the 2020 election."

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