Updated: April 15, 2021


Claims about Dominion Systems being linked to widespread fraud in the 2020 Presidential Election are COMPLETELY false.

Conspiracy theories circulating about Dominion are dangerous for democracy and the bipartisan public officials who run U.S. elections.


Key Facts About Dominion


On Voting System Security

All Dominion voting systems are tested and certified by the U.S. EAC and state election authorities according to law.

  • Voting systems are designed and certified by the U.S. government to be closed systems that do not rely on Internet connectivity for use.
  • Dominion builds its own software code. It does NOT use code from any other companies.
  • All votes are cast and counted in the U.S. by local election officials. This data is not sent outside the U.S.
  • Remote access to voting machines does not exist.
  • All changes to voting system software are designed to be detectable by election officials based on strong technical, chain of custody, and physical security controls.
  • Pre-election testing and post-election canvassing allow election officials to identify and resolve discrepancies with unofficial results, validate vote counts, and ensure the accuracy of vote totals for certification.
  • Dominion voting systems produce paper ballots and paper records, as well as digital ballot images, for 100% reliable audits and recounts.
  • State and local officials run elections, NOT Dominion. Voters and bipartisan political party observers can witness every step of the election process to verify its integrity.
  • Dominion has a coordinated vulnerability program for handling findings from security research partners.

On Fighting Election Disinformation & Defamatory Claims

Dominion is taking action to set the record straight and defend our company, our customers, and our democracy.

  • Three active defamation lawsuits and dozens of notices to hold people and platforms accountable for false claims.
  • Hundreds of documented recounts and audits across the U.S. in 2020, including forensic audits by federally-accredited Voting Systems Test Labs in Georgia and Arizona.
  • Successful record of state and federal certifications for Dominion Voting Systems in 28 states and Puerto Rico.
  • Continued U.S. government partnerships for election security and fighting election disinformation on social media.