Updated: March 2, 2024


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Dominion in Wisconsin

Wisconsin election officials and Dominion Voting have faced unsubstantiated allegations of election fraud and misinformation following the 2020 election. Despite Wisconsin's chief election official Meagan Wolfe assuring "Wisconsin’s election was conducted according to law and in the open," and that she's working "to provide facts on these processes to combat the rumors and misinformation," disinformation persists.

Wisconsin's certified election results validate the accuracy of Dominion machines and their official tallies.

Importantly, Dominion does not operate in the districts in which the Trump legal team requested a recount, including Milwaukee and Dane counties.

  • In the counties in Wisconsin where Dominion operates, President Trump won 59% of the vote. Additionally, Senator Ron Johnson's home county, Winnebago County, has been a Dominion customer since 2015.
  • Republican Representative Mike Gallagher has noted that Wisconsin has "19 counties that use Dominion systems, [where] Trump increased his vote by about 60,000 in those counties and Biden increased them by 47,000, so Trump netted about 15K votes."

Here are the facts:

Before any voting system may be used in the State of Wisconsin, it must be approved by the Wisconsin Elections Commission.

  • Testing was done publicly and conducted by election officials.
  • The independent Wisconsin Government Accountability Board tested and approved Dominion voting equipment for use.

Every ballot cast in Wisconsin has an auditable paper trail. Following the election, voting equipment is randomly selected for audit, and the paper trail is audited against the electronic vote totals; this process is conducted as part of a public meeting. 

  • The audit consists of two independent hand-tallies of ballots tabulated by electronic voting systems. The results of the hand-count are verified against the results report produced by the voting system, as required by Section 7.08(6), Wis. Stats.
  • City Clerk Tara Coolidge said out of nearly 2,800 votes cast in those wards, election workers found four ballots that were incorrectly processed by Dominion voting machines, and she attributed the error to a paper jam.
  • “I can say that I am happy that we go through and hand count specific wards that are randomly chosen because it proves overall that we have the most integrity and we are accurate in what we’re saying the election results are," Coolidge added.

Wolf has gone on the record refuting misinformation claims: "Wisconsin doesn’t have more votes than registered voters. It’s impossible. There were no absentee ballots found in the middle of the night. Lawyers and observers for both political parties were on-site and involved the entire time. Clerks followed the law and counted ballots until they were done."

Votes were not "flipped" or "added," and any assertions of Dominion machines doing so are completely false.

  • In a statement issued by the Wisconsin Elections Commission, Wolfe said, "Several people have contacted us about discrepancies they may have seen in unofficial results on media websites or TV broadcasts on Election Night. They believe that these reporting errors are evidence that vote totals were somehow changed or flipped. Nothing could be farther from the truth."

There were no issues with the use of Sharpie pens.

  • The Wisconsin Election Commission assured voters that “voting equipment in Wisconsin is tested at both the local, state, and federal level for all kinds of pens and other marking devices. While we recommend that voters use the pen or marking device provided at their polling place or as instructed in their absentee ballot, the use of a felt-tip pen doesn’t invalidate a ballot.”
  • Dominion Voting machines can read Sharpies and other felt-tip pens.

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