Updated: May 23, 2024


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Dominion in Georgia

In 2019, Dominion was awarded the contract to provide voting systems in Georgia after our systems were independently tested and certified to meet the states high standard for election equipment. We remain grateful to be Georgia's election technology provider and commend the hard work and integrity of the Georgia Secretary of State's office and county election officials across the Peach State.

Georgia officials recertified election results on Monday, December 7, after another recount reaffirmed an accurate count of the state's ballots. Georgia has now counted ballots three times, and results remain unchanged. Our tabulators accurately counted votes in 2020, which has been verified by two audits, both on security and counting methods, as well as a recount, and affirmed by Georgia's Voting System Implementation Manager Gabriel Sterling, Republican Governor Brian Kemp, and Republican Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger.


Dominion serves all of Georgia's counties.

Georgia certified its election results on Friday, November 20 following a hand audit of five million paper ballots that validated the voting day tabulation.

  • The audits exist both to make sure the machines counted accurately, but also to catch any human errors, as occurred in Floyd County and Fulton County.
  • Raffensperger stated upon completion of the statewide audit of ballots, "Georgia's historic first statewide audit reaffirmed that the state's new secure paper ballot voting system accurately counted and reported results."

Gabriel Sterling, Georgia's Voting System Implementation Manager said,"I can guarantee that this is the most secure election in the state of Georgia."

  • Sterling responded to false allegations, "The ridiculous things—claims—in some of these lawsuits are just that. They're insanity. Fever dream. Made-up. Internet kabal."
  • Sterling affirmed, "Nothing was shipped overseas, no votes were switched. We did a hand audit that proved no votes were switched."

All Dominion machines underwent preliminary and public logic and accuracy testing before the election.

  • Georgia Rule 183-1-12-.08 mandates that election officials must publicly test electronic poll books, electronic ballot markers, printers, and ballot scanners before Election Day.
  • Testing was done publicly and conducted by bipartisan election inspectors.

There were no glitches or unauthorized software updates.

  • Both Spalding County and the Georgia Secretary of State have verified that a) this type of unauthorized update is impossible, and b) the actual logs from equipment under the custody of the County determined an update did NOT happen the night before the election.

There was not a successful live demonstration of a Dominion system hack in Georgia.

  • This is another deliberately inaccurate claim about Dominion Voting Systems.  The comments actually focused on PollPad electronic check-in devices, and the company that makes these systems (KNOWiNK) has stated the claims are false and untrue.  Dominion does not make electronic poll books.
  • Poll book devices are not connected to Dominion tabulators, and poll books do not count ballots.  All election results in Georgia can be verified via hand counts of paper ballots - three audits, including a hand count, have already concluded there is no evidence of fraud.

After the election, Dominion machines underwent a forensic audit to confirm that there was no hack or tamper, as well as a risk-limiting audit to verify that the machines counted accurately.

  • The state enlisted Pro V&V, a U.S. Election Assistance Commision certified third-party testing laboratory, to audit a random sample of Dominion machines. No tampering was found.
  • Georgia Code §21-2-498 mandates that the state conduct public post-election risk-limiting audits. This year Georgia compared machine counts to a full manual tally of every ballot cast for the Presidential race in Georgia.
  • The results showed a 0.0099% variation in the margin between the two candidates as reported by the machine counts and the margin between the two as reported by the hand tally. This differential is well within the 2% expected margin of human error that occurs when hand-counting ballots.

The 2,631 uncounted ballots discovered in Floyd County, Georgia during the statewide audit was due to human error.

  • The Secretary of State's office has cited clerical error and lack of following proper procedures, not Dominion's systems, as the cause.

An issue with a Dominion server in Fulton County during Georgia's recount was due to human error.

  • Gabriel Sterling, Georgia's Voting System Implementation Manager, affirmed that "there were no Dominion issues in Fulton County," and "it has nothing to do with the servers being wiped. No one directed that, that's just a lie."

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