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May 18, 2021

FACT CHECK: Rumors from Pennsylvania's 2021 Primary Election

Fayette County | Ballot Printing Error Reported 

On May 18, Fayette County issued a statement saying the county experienced a printing issue with some primary election ballots because of a human error.

Known conspiracy theorists have falsely claimed that Dominion machines were at fault. Dominion is not the ballot printing vendor for Fayette County.

Local Fayette elections officials quickly implemented a back-up plan and assured voters that every vote will be tallied accurately.

Luzerne County | Machine Screen Display Error Reported

On May 18, Luzerne County preliminarily identified an issue as a ballot screen error due to a data entry mistake. The issue was confined to the header on the viewing screen of the ballot marking device, and the County's election director confirmed that all ballots printed correctly with the Republican header and the Republican primary election races.

As the County has reassured the voting public, all ballots will be correctly counted. Dominion regrets any confusion this has caused.

No vote counts will be impacted, and Dominion continues to support local elections officials as they run their elections.

Dominion voting systems produce voter-verified paper ballots, as well as digital ballot images, for 100% reliable audits and recounts.

In both Luzerne and Fayette Counties, and where any Dominion voting machine is used, there are processes in place for officials to catch and address these types of human errors.

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